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  1. JoJolmaran
    radioactivity definition: 1. the quality that some atoms have of producing a type of energy that can be very harmful to. Learn more.
  2. Tajas
    Units for Measuring Radioactivity. The unit of measurement of the radioactivity of a substance is the curie. One curie equals about 37 billion emissions per second. Matter emitting half of this amount per second would represent 1 / 2 curie of radiation. Another unit of measurement used in radioactivity is the radius (rho) of the nucleus.
  3. Nara
    Radioactivity In radioactive processes, particles or electromagnetic radiation are emitted from the nucleus. The most common forms of radiation emitted have been traditionally classified as alpha (a), beta (b), and gamma (g) radiation.
  4. Shacage
    Radioactivity also kills germs in our food or is used to sanitize objects. Cobalt is a man-made isotope used for radiation against cancer, and some radioactive isotopes are used in nuclear.
  5. Zologal
    Radioactivity refers to the amount of ionizing radiation released by a material. Whether it emits alpha or beta particles, gamma rays, x-rays, or neutrons, a quantity of radioactive material is expressed in terms of its radioactivity (or simply its activity).
  6. Najind
    Radioactivity Lyrics: Radioactivity / Radioactivity / Is in the air for you and me / Radioactivity / Discovered by Madame Curie / Radioactivity / Tune in to the melody / Radioactivity / Is in the air.
  7. Mezishicage
    Radioactivity refers to the particles which are emitted from nuclei as a result of nuclear instability. Because the nucleus experiences the intense conflictbetween the two strongest forces in nature, it should not be surprising that there are many nuclear isotopeswhich are unstable and emit some kind of radiation.
  8. Faegor
    The term radioactivity refers to the particles emitted. When enough particles and energy have been emitted to create a new, stable nucleus (often the nucleus of an entirely different element), radioactivity ceases. Uranium , a very unstable element, goes through 18 stages of decay before becoming a stable isotope of lead, lead
  9. Shashakar
    Radioactivity measurement detects the number of counts of emission over a fixed period of time. The standard unit of γ radiation is the roentgen (R). The Geiger or Geiger-Müller counter, equipped with a meter and earphone, responds to β-particles in the proximity of a radioactive source. The Geiger counter is limited to ground surveys.

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